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Thinking of Investing? Don’t be told what a selling agent thinks you want to hear. Be advised by what you need to hear. Property Investment can be a big financial decision which is why it is wise to seek a second opinion from a professional who really understands the local rental market and has nothing to gain from a real estate sale.

This is why we offer investors free independent, detailed property appraisals for any property they are considering purchasing, in the Albury area. We can also seek out sound property investments which suit your investment budget for you. Complete the 'Rental Assessment Form' for a free no obligation rental appraisal.

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Preparing your property for rent

As presentation is vital follow our hot tips to preparing your property for rent to ensure you receive the best possible rental price in the rental market.

  • Cleaning

    • Whether it’s yourself, or you are getting your property professionally cleaned, pay attention to any marks on walls and doors, cobwebs, dust, glass surfaces, flyscreens, window sills and vents. Special attention should be paid to the kitchen (the oven including racks or trays, stove, and rangehood) and bathrooms (ensure all mould is removed so that tiles sparkle). Remember your property must be returned in the same condition as initially provided.

  • Lawns and garden

    • Mow and edge your lawn, remove any weeds, rubbish, cigarette butts, etc.

  • Gutters

    • Have your gutters cleaned, ensuring any dirt, silt, twigs and leaves are removed.

  • Garages and sheds

    • If these are included on the lease, make sure any items are removed from inside and around garages and sheds. You can leave any items that directly relate to the property, such as spare tiles and paint tins.

  • Advice for tenants

    • Make sure your property manager is informed of any useful tips or information on your property that you want to pass on to your new tenants.

  • Keys

    • Usually two sets of keys are provided to (one set for the office, one for the tenant). Keep in mind that if there are two tenants on the lease then each tenant will require a full set of keys (you may need to cut another set).

  • Redirect your mail

    • Ensure you have all your mail redirected to your new home

  • Utilities

    • To avoid confusion (and to ensure accounts are appropriately directed), advise your gas, electricity, phone and other utility providers.